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This is where the caption goes.

My son Josh and daughter, Kaylyn.

The salt spreader pulled by ATV.

Muin Sipoo Migmaq Elementary Xmas concert 2000

My boys wanted a big pumpkin for years

preparing for the pumpkin's removal

Get ready! Get set! Grunt!

Heavier than we thought!


My son Steve's first truck. He gets the other half for graduation.

Josh and Steve mudding with friend, Rick.

Josh and cousin Kody at Crystal Palace, Moncton.

Lou and Francis with my daughter, Kaylyn


My son Steve's first car. He's 14.

My Wife, Heather and Kaylyn.

This is where the caption goes.

Kaylyn and I

Kaylyn and I.

Stevie and Kaylyn

Kaylyn guarding her movies.

Stevie's dog Brook.

Josh in his hockey outfit

Stevie's trampoline.

Josh with his rebuilt PW80

Another view of Stevie's first truck.

My father, Frank Sr.

Josh, Stevie and Grandpa, Ron.

A mucky Josh wondering if he can go in the house.

Josh, Stevie and Rick

Kaylyn ready to Boogie

Heather and Kaylyn

Josh in his gear

Me doing a little guitar practise.

Kaylyn and I relaxing.