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St. Anne's Day is an historic annual event that has been held by the members of Bear River, Nova Scotia, Canada, First Nations Members for many years. It is a celebration of religious significance, combining Christianity with native spirituality.

Scenes from St. Anne's Day, Bear River First Nations,
July 18, 1998

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Local Lobster is a treat during St. Anne's Day celebrations

First Nations Drummers beat traditional drum songs

Elders at St. Anne's Day are garbed in Traditional Native Dress

My brother,Bear River First Nations Chief,Frank Meuse, Jr.(left), chats with a woodsman competition coordinator during St. Anne's Day celebration

My Niece,Jenna Meuse, and her daughter, Tamika wear traditional dress while they await baptism

Children of Bear River First Nations entertain the audience at St. Anne's Day celebration July 18, 1998

My sister, Rose, as she visits with one of the Elders during St. Anne's Day

Theresa Meuse Dalien displays dreamcatchers and traditional native crafts during St. Annes Day Celebration

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