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Ik'i'en's Biography

I am a 38 year old aboriginal male. I live in the Maritime Provinces of Canada in a place known as the Switzerland of Nova Scotia.

I come from a proud heritage. My father is a First Nation Mikmaq and my mother is Irish from the U.S.A.

I am making up for lost time wasted in my youngers years from alcohol/ drug abuse. I now strive to be as Christian as I can be. After a few years of sobriety, I was one of the 13 candidates for the first Aboriginal Conservation Officers program founded in 1988. I held this position for seven years.

During this time I also worked as an Education Counsellor, heavy equipment operator, Elected Reserve Councillor, Store owner/manager. I have been in many country rock bands playing instruments from rhythm guitar to bass guitar and drums. I now play solo with my midi system and sometimes background vocalists.

I am presently working on my first cd. It is sounding really great and is due to be released April 1999 . Plans are now being made for a second CD and my first music video.

My music of choice is country-rock with a twist of gospel. My songs come from my own experiences and testimonies.

I love music. Some of my favorite artists are Blue Rodeo, Tracy Byrd, Shania Twain, Helix, Brooks and Dunn, LeeAnn Rymes, the Eagles, Susan Agulkark and Bon Jovi.

The name Ek'i'en, is the Mi'kmaq version of the name Stephen, though I prefer to be called Steve.

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